Consider this

Your Digital Dossier. How much digital content have you created for yourself-- and for other people?

As adults, we may be marginally aware of the impact a digital presence can have. But our students? Maybe not. They have grown up in this digital world, and they don't often have the natural sense of consequences to manage their online responsibility. This is where digital citizenship comes into play. We teach our students how to be good citizens and treat themselves and others with respect. The time has come to broaden that perspective to include an online environment.

Common Sense Education

Common Sense Media is a very well respected source of materials. Look at their Scope and Sequence (PDF) to review grade level specific lessons, or check out all the other resources available to support topical needs in your classroom.

Create a Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

Are you looking for some prop-based mini-lessons? Craig Badura (a teacher in Nebraska) has shared his ideas to get started. These common items are a great start to an object lesson as the need arises.

Check out his blog post here: The "New and Improved" Digital Citizenship Survival Kit